Storage procedure, electrodes, fluxcored wire, flux 焊条焊剂焊丝的储存

Moisture is still the main enemy for welding consumables. The minerals being used to form the slag that covers the weld pool are highly hygroscopic and should be taken very seriously for submerged arc powder and covered stick electrodes. Moisture also know how to find his way very quickly at folded flux cored wires and it only takes a few hours exposure to humidity before the general requirement of less than 5ml hydrogen in 100gr weld metal is exceeded. The most important steps to prevent hydrogen induced cracking are:


1)  Use airtight packing for covered electrodes  焊条要密封包装。
2)  Use seamless fluxcored wires for Mig/Mag welding  使用无缝的气体保护焊丝
3)  Always redry sub arc powders directly before use  牢记使用前烘干焊剂