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Approved -60ºC

Offshore platform 海洋工程钻井平台

Ceweld® finally succeeded to launch two new electrodes with approvals for use down to -60ºC. The Ceweld® 8018-C3 is approved by LLoyds and DNV in grade 5Y46 and our Ceweld® 11018-H, is the first electrode in the world for S690 which is also approved for use down to -60 degrees Celsius.


App update !

Ferrite calculator 铁素体含量计算器

A unique and innovative App that makes it possible to calculate the Ferrite number in just seconds, now finaly available and it is for free ! Your Ferrite calculator comes allong with our famous Welding PRO app by just clicking on the activation button.


Welding Pro

Welding Pro 焊接专家应用软件

Our worldfamous app "welding Pro" is now also available as webbased widget  version for those who have no smartphone yet , go to welding cost calculator


Search & find

Worlds biggest database for quick finding standards as:, W.Nr., AWS, EN and DIN code and even finding our suitable equivalent of another brand. Also you can search in "material to be welded" and our database will guide you to the right filler metal for the job.