Equipement d'essais pour contrôle qualité

♦ Time portable Hardness tester, for hardness scales HV, HB, HRc.
♦ Niton XL3t Spectrum XRF annalyzer for element detection.
♦ Electroslag and submerged arc equipment for strip and wires.
♦ Micro Plasma Tig EWM Equipment up to 100 ampere.
♦ NEN 3140 testing body for anual approval.
♦ Puls Mig/Mag equipment up to 500 ampere.
♦ Force Arc EWM equipment up to 500 ampere.
♦ Cold Arc EWM equipment for root and thin plate welding.
♦ Titanium welding test facilities in a inert invironment chamber.
♦ Tig AC/DC EWM Tetrix up to 500 ampere
♦ Duty Cycle load equipment for calibrating Inverter equipment
♦ Turntable, 1200 mm diameter with 5000 kg capacity.
♦ Pendle equipment for weaving during welding (Mig/Mag, Tig)
♦ Climate chamber for testing up to 90% Humidity at 36 degrees C.
♦ Electronic microscope for wire surface controle.
♦ Datalogger for temperature and air humidity logging reports.