ESAW Electroslag

SA Nicro 690 strip

SA Nicro 690 is resistant to a wide range of corrosive media and atmospheres. The high chromium content makes the deposit particularly suitable for strongly oxidising conditions. The high chromium content also confers resistance to high-temperature corrosion in gases having an oxidising and sulphidising effect. Due to its high nickel content, SA Nicro 690 is exceptionally resistant to stress corrosion cracking which can occur in the primary water loops of nuclear power stations. The material also shows good resistance in mixtures of nitric and hydrofluoric acid.

SA Nicro 602 CA (6025HT) strip

Excellent welding properties with high buildup capacity and low dilution rate when combined with FL 860 ESHC. Excellent resistance against temperature cycling conditions upto 1200oC and carburized medias. Excellent fatique strenght and creep properties.

SA S275 strip

Excellent weldabillity in combination with FL 860 ESHC with high welding speed and deposition rate. The weld seam shows a fine rippled surface free from inclusions and undercut.

SA Nicro 625 strip

Weld metal deposited by SA Nicro 625 has high strength and extreme corrosion resistance, including oxidation resistance and creep-rupture strength at elevated temperatures.

SA Nicro 600 strip

Weld metal deposited by SA Nicro 600 has high strength and good corrosion resistance, including oxidation resistance and creep-rupture strength at elevated temperatures.

SA 316L strip

Latest generation clean melting quality guarantees optimum metallurgical quality and attractive welder appeal. Combined with our high basic electro slag flux FL 830 ESHC excellent results are obtained in both deposition rate as minimum dilution rate due to the higher slag temperature compare to other electro slag fluxes.

SA Alloy 825 strip

Fully austenitic weld metal with high resistance against stress corrosion cracking and pitting in media containing chloride ions. Good corrosion resistance against reducing acids due to the combination of Ni, Mo and Cu. Sufficient resistance against oxidizing acids. The weld metal is corrosion resistant in sea water. The nickel content of this alloy makes it resistant to chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking. Additions of molybdenum and copper give alloy 825 resistance to pitting and to corrosion in reducing acid environments such as sulphuric or phosphoric acid solutions.


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