Company of the year 2015

The Gelderlander:
Certilas is chosen as company of the year 2015 in the district called "The Betuwe". It all happened during a exiting campaign evening of "Betuwe onderneemt Beter", Monday 1 June at the former Auction buildings in Huissen.

Jury chairman Paul Kok: “We have compared the nominated companies on items as market approach, innovation and customer experience. But specially: how does the company puts the district on the map ? With a state of the art warehouse and a unique "Welding Solution Center" does Certilas knows how to attract innovative welding related companies to the "Betuwe". A innovative company and superior ambassador for the area. Certilas is a company that have the guts to make huge investments in innovative ideas. Certilas makes it happen that European market is brought to our region. The company is breathing innovation and professionalism. A concept has been launched where they even invite competitors in their house is really unique.

Evening program:
Before the winner was announced, Victor Mids (known from the program MindF*ck) gave the public a fantastic mind struggling evening .

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