Super duplex 2594 welding wire for hotwire (Mig-Tig)

The Hotwire Tig process uses a (I²R effect) preheated welding wire that is added to the weld pool, this means that the weld pool is undergoing much less cooling and as a result offers higher welding speed with less dilution with the base metal. The process is often applied for internal claddings and can be atomized very well. Standard Mig/Mag wires are often used but are usually not made for this process because they have a lubricant on the surface that was developed for Mig/Mag welding. Ceweld® offers special versions of different alloys that are made for Hotwire Tig welding, these wires are suitable for multi layer welding without intermediate cleaning between the layers because they are cleaned in a special chemical way. Product details ER 2594