Strip cladding ESW-SAW Electro slag and SA welding.

Ceweld® caries a huge stock in welding strip such as stainless steel (308L, 316L, 309L, 309LMo, 309LNb, 347 and Duplex) but also the most common Nickel based alloys such as: Inconel 625, Alloy 825,  alloy 276 en 686 CPT.

Our welding strips are made within our own restricted analysis requirements to combine with our fluxes for both electro slag (ESW) and submerged arc welding (SAW). Recent new developed special high basic fluxes makes it possible to obtain the lowest dilution possible on the market today. Several projects with Inconel 625 strip showed less than 5% dilution with only one layer ! Our flux FL 860 ESHC  is suitable for practically all Nickel based strips for travel speed between 14 and 30 cm/min. (5,5 till 12 inch/min) Our flux FL 830 ESHC  is suitable for the 300 and 400 series of stainless steel, both fluxes are suitable for high travel speed due to excellent wetting and require only 23 Volts !.