Mig/Mag Stellite® (1, 6, 12, 21) fluxcored welding wire

Cobalt based alloys are well known for their proven wear properties when heat, corrosion and abrasion combined causing wear problems. Our range of Cobalt based hardfacing alloys are available in several grades with high and low carbon content alloyed with mostly Chromium and Tungsten in different variations. Dur 6 with a hardness of approximatly 40 HRc. can be used for a wide range of wear problems and is due to this save hardness level the most common type.  Dur 1 has the highest hardness ranging from 50-55 HRc and Dur 12 is in the 45-50 HRc range.

Other equivalents such as Stellite 21 and 25 are available upon request.

Stellite® is a registered trade mark of Deloro Stellite.