Mig welding wire for Manganese Bronze / Brass

Welding "Brass" is oft the case when rebuilding wornout or damaged ship propellers (this material is often called Manganese bronze in practice). The main elements are in this case Copper and Zinc for use in sweet water. To obtain the best matching color CuAl8 is the right choice for the Mig process and consist of Copper with 8% Aluminum, a matching welding wire is in this case not possible because of the high arc temperature (Zinc would burn out). Welding Brass with a matching filler metal is possible only with flame welding and Ceweld® stock these CuZn39Sn welding rods from 2 till 12 mm x 1000 mm length. In case of Tig welding on brass the best results are obtained with CuSn6 welding rods, although the color will not match.