Mig weld wire CuMn13Al7Ni2, (CuMnNiAl, 2.1367)

CuNiAl (invented by Lips Holland) needs to be welded with a matching filler metal. Our Ceweld® CuMn13Al7Ni2 is specialy made for this extreme high strength bronze type and has excellent weldabillity for both rebuilding and joining. CuMn13Al7Ni2 can also be used for cladding shafts or other gliding surfaces to offer low friction and long wear life against cavitation, corrosion and high pressure loads.Ceweld® CuMn13Al7Ni2 can be used on steel, stainless steel and even cast Iron.

The alloy is spark free and offers a low friction coefficient, our CuNiAl welding wires are shaved during the drawing process to make sure that all contamination is removed from the surface to prevent inclusions in the weld deposit. Within this Copper-Nickel-Aluminum range we have 3 types available from stock for the Mig and Tig process, CuAl8Ni2, CuAl8Ni6 en CuMn13Al7Ni2.