Mig-Tig welding wire for CuNiFe (Cunifer 10 and 30)

Cunifer (Copper-Nickel-Iron alloy) was developed to offer corrosion resistance in marine environments against seawater as by sea water tubing, desalting equipment and similar applications. In the past also CuNi10Fe was a common used alloy but is now mainly replaced by CuNi30Fe because of better crack resistance. Our CuNi30Fe filler metal is suitable for welding Monel® 400 and other alloys but can also be used for dissimilar welding between Monel® and Nickel 200 or other copper-nickel alloys. For CuNiFer clad layers on steel usually a buffer layer is applied with NiTi3. Filler metal CuNi10Fe for Mig and Tig is although still available from stock.