The best in class for welding!

The "Welding Solution Center" demonstrates the top of the most innovative welding processes that the market currently has to offer. All exhibitors are selected on added value, proven reliability and innovation of the highest level.

For 2017 the following welding processes & products are represented in practice:

- Mig/Mag High speed pulse
- Clamp welding tables for accurate fixing and weld preparation
- Gas-mixing equipment for Co2, Argon & Helium
- ESW (electroslag) strip cladding equipment 60 x 0,5 mm
- SAW (submerged arc) welding / flux combinations
- Induction (pre) heating (new rolling inductor for rotating products)
- Hardfacing Tungsten Carbide Particles Mig Welding by
   Vibratory Carbide Feeder
- Fit Up Bed Rollers / Column & Boom Manipulators
- New Aquaforce electrode for welding under water
- Metal Printing in 3D