GMAW-GTAW massiv Draht

308 L Tig

308L has good general corrosion resistance. The alloy has a low carbon content, making it particularly recommended where there is a risk of intergranular corrosion.

SG CrMo1 Tig

Extreme easy to weld with excellent welding properties. High world wide excepted quality with ultra clean weld deposit. Suitable for creep resistant service for working temperatures up to 550º Celsius.

NiCro 52M Tig

Excellent resistance against oxidizing media combined with high mechanical strength at room temperature but also at extreme high temperatures combined with high ductility due to the high chromium content. Alloy 690 was developped to offer greater resistance to stress corrosion in the nuclear industry, pure water invironment. Similar to FM 52 but the 52M is for nuclear application where a specific (very strict) chemical analysis is requested.

MA 600 Tig

MA 600 offers outstanding abrasion resistance combined with heavy shocks, despite the high hardness several layers can be applied without any risk of braking out or chipping of. In case of sensitive base material preheating is recommended at 300-400°C. Old hardfacing layers should be removed, clean or grind properly before welding.

AlSi 12 Tig

AlSi12 was originally developed as a brazing alloy to take advantage of its low melting point and narrow freezing range. In addition, it has a higher silicon content than AlSi5, which provides increased fluidity and reduced shrinkage. Hot cracking is significantly reduced when using AlSi12 as a filler alloy. The alloy may be used in applications at sustained elevated temperatures. Non-heat treatable. Thicker sections should be preheated (150°C) prior to welding.

CuAl8Ni2 Tig

•       Special alloyed copper wire for the Tig process
•       The weld metal is a Cu-Al-Ni bronze
•       Sound, pore free deposits on ferrous and non-ferrous base materials
•       Excellent resistance to cavitations and stress corrosion cracking.


Stainless steel with excelent resistance to intercrystalline corrosion and wet corrosion up to 350°C (662 °F). Corrosion-resistance is similar to low-carbon CrNiMo(Mn,N) steels/cast steel grades.
Seawater resistant, good resistance to nitric acid, selective attack max. 200 μm.
Non magnetic (permeability in field of 8000 A/m 1.01 max.).

Colmonoy 6

This nickel based alloy offers superior wear protection, retaining its hardness up to 600ºC (1000ºF) with significant resistance to oxidation.

G 50

Extreme easy to weld with excellent welding properties and increased yield strenght. High world wide excepted quality with controlled cast and helix for semi and or semi–automatic applications. Weldable with Co2 and Mix gas.


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